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14 Games to Motivate Your Child to Read....BEFORE They Head Back to School

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Using games to motivate your child to read BEFORE they head back to school will not only improve their reading skills, these games also bring fun and play into reading practice that can often be a struggle and sometimes boring!

Rather than bribing kids with external motivators such as candy, stickers, and online gaming time, our hard copy reading games motivate children's internal interests and get them reading BEFORE they head back to school!

Reading Games Are Necessary for Struggling Readers

When learning to read is a struggle, it can have a major impact on a child's academic self-esteem and their motivation to read independently. In addition, more work on something that does not come easily can feel torturous and often unfair! In contrast, if fun, rewarding games can motivate them to read, and the dreaded task can quickly transform into playful entertainment.

I have created two comprehensive reading game bundles that can be used with virtually any Systematic phonics or reading program. They are all available as digital downloads for PreK-Gr 1 and Grade 2 and 3 . The following tables describe all 14 games that are included in the two bundles of 7. The games are significantly discounted in the bundled packages or you can buy them individually at

Reading Games PreK-Grade 1, offers 7 games that teach and review early reading skills for new and struggling readers to improve their reading. The games focus on vowels, beginning, middle, and end sounds in words to help with decoding and motivate them to engage in more reading practice and develop stronger skills and fluency in a fun, motivating way. They will want to play these games again and again all the while reinforcing reading skills making them a better reader!!

Reading Games PreK-Grade 1


s of Games

Names of Games

Reading Games Grades 2-3 includes 7 games that focus on blending, decoding, reading fluency, spelling, advanced sounds sorts, vowel differentiation, and middle sounds. With a variety of levels of difficulty, these motivational games are a great way to improve reading skills and challenge readers. What a great way to help your child get ready for school in the fall and get some great reading practice in along the way!

Enjoy these 14 Games to Motivate Your Child to Read Before They Head Back to School so they get in the practice they need and are motivated to read independently without the struggle! You will find your child wanting to play them over and over again as they improve their skills and experience reading success!

P.S. If you’re not sure how to get your child reading or that your child’s reading skills are not where they need to be, let Early Readers Academy help! Whether you want your child to catch up on his or her reading skills or jump ahead with activities that enrich and challenge them, Early Readers Academy and our online tutors take the stress and struggle out of learning to read and make it personal and engaging for your child.

Come along and experience reading success like never before!

Mary Printz aka Miss Mary is the co-founder of Early Readers Academy and Accelerated Potential Academy. She is a seasoned educational consultant, researcher, Reading Consultant and Developer and International speaker. You can contact her at


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