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Early Readers

“If reading came naturally, children would learn to read as easily as they learn to speak.” – Mary Printz

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Help Your Child Get Ahead!

Children don't learn to read just from being exposed to books. Reading must be taught. For many children, reading must be taught explicitly and systematically, one step at a time.  

This is what APA's Reading Program does!


APA's Preschool Reading Program

APA’s reading instruction is perfect for children who need to develop the letter sound connection or for children entering Kindergarten or Grade One reading activities. There is no need for your child to know their letters or sounds to enter this program.


We offer a Beginner Reading Program for group or individual children ages 3-6 years old.


APA's Preschool Reading Program for Early Learners

  • A customized learning plan and instruction.

  • The option of either one-on-one or small-group instruction.

  • Addresses a student's developmental, social and emotional needs using our Emotional Intelligence and Brain-Based research strategies.

  • An easy to learn systematic approach to reading.

  • We send home follow-up activities to reinforce and advance the lessons they have learned.

  • We prepare a customized program based on data collected from home, health professionals and APA assessments for each student.

APA's Early Learner Reading Program addresses your child's unique learning needs. Your child will leave as a confident and capable reader. 

Our Reading Program offers:

  • A solid foundation for letter sounds.

  • The ability to sound out unfamiliar words.

  • The ability to blend sounds together to read the word.

  • The ability to read words, sentences, and stories with fluency and ease.

  • Proper letter pronunciation.

  • Improvement in speech difficulties.

  • A love of reading!


At APA we address your child’s unique learning needs, style and interests to make reading fun, engaging and set them on the road to reading success.


Because reading should be fun!

What Is Learned In APA's Preschool Reading Program 

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