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The APA Difference

At APA we let our students know that we see them, we hear them, we understand them and we care.

We know that getting good grades is often a case of memorizing for tests, but memorizing doesn’t mean you’re intelligent or that you understand it. APA gives your child a deep and broad understanding of what they are learning at school. We teach your child that education isn’t just about exams, but it is also for practical application in life and lifelong learning.

At APA, each lesson has been specifically designed for each student so they are engaged and understanding the material in a way that makes sense to them.  We offer Academic Assessments that identify the way in which your child's brain is wired to receive and process information. This allows us to customize each student’s program to accelerate their learning.


APA uses Brain-Based instructional methodology.

Brain-based education is best understood in three words: engagement, strategies, and principles. Students learn in a way that makes sense to them and they discover that what they are learning relates to their own personal real-world experiences, increasing their curiosity to know more. 

APA incorporates Emotional Intelligence strategies into every lesson.

Any time learning occurs, emotions are involved. We use game dynamics to explore those emotions so that students can move past them to facilitate learning. This means it is easier for them to learn, retain and apply information.

APA understands that "Dominant Intelligence" affects learning.

By identifying a child’s dominant intelligence we can customize lessons in away that your child can receive the info in the unique way that their brain is wired to learn and then process that information in the way that makes sense to them so that learning becomes easier. This means they will remember what they learned and be able to apply it.

In all of our students, we build confidence and ignite curiosity that translates into a love of learning!

At APA we collaborate with leaders in the fields of psychology, brain-reseach and emotional-intelligence:

  • Anytime you have learning, emotions are involved. We help students develop the capacity to be aware of, control, and express emotions and respond appropriately.

  • We structure joy into each lesson and support students in the highs and lows of learning.

  • We teach self-awareness, empathy, and expressing emotions to help them self-regulate in any learning environment and condition.

All of our tutoring and courses are taught by a team of highly qualified Alberta school teachers:

  • Each of APA tutors are former educational consultants or professional teachers.

  • APA tutors are skilled at helping students process their emotions related to learning so there is greater understanding.

  • Our tutors are extremely passionate about helping students reach their academic potential.

We empower all our students, both children and adults:

  • APA creates confident and independent learners. We equip individuals with the executive functions, social skills, and academic proficiency to excel in life.

  • We prepare individuals to easily apply what they have learned so that they can succeed in life and work, and positively contribute to society.

  • In all of our students, we build confidence and ignite curiosity that translates into a love of learning.

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