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At APA, we are very proud of what we do and we thank the students and parents who have taken the time to send us their wonderful testimonials. 



Our son attended the summer reading camp and not only loved going but learned so much in one short week! We’ve since started him in private tutoring with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff and are thrilled with their energy, dedication, and knowledge for keeping him excited about learning! Thank you so much - we look forward to great gains with his education this year!





Such an amazing program implemented by two of the most caring people. Miss Mary and Mr Jeff care and want my child to succeed. My 7-year-old son respects and listens to Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff more than I thought he would. He knows APA is helping him and works hard at it.




Tutoring with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff has made a huge impact on my son. First of all, they are both so friendly and engaging, you just feel good sending your child there! They develop a bond with your child based on the child's interests outside of school and cater to their learning styles. My son had no confidence in math and felt so discouraged and hopeless. I also felt discouraged as a parent, because nothing I tried was helping him and it's hard to see your child struggling. We had tried several other things before landing at Accelerated Potential Academy and nothing worked. Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff are positive and not only help with math but also help improve my son's confidence. He believes he can do it now! We no longer spend our evenings battling over math homework. There are no tears and meltdowns, he gets the homework out and tries his best and he has improved so much! They will also work with your child's teacher on their current math curriculum to give your child the targeted help they need. It has been worth every penny just to see the smile on my son's face when he finishes an assignment or homework on his own and to see that confidence come back. If you are considering Accelerated Learning for your child, I would highly recommend them! 




I am very pleased with the progress my son has made while attending Miss Mary’s Accelerated Potential Academy. He has gained confidence in his reading ability, which has improved his performance in all his classes. My son is always excited and looking forward to his lessons with Miss Mary and Mr Jeff. They engage with him in a fun and exciting manner, which helps him to focus on the tasks and engage in the learning process. Miss Mary and Mr Jeff’s passion for helping children to exceed is evident through their interactions with my son and through the quality of service they provide. I strongly recommend Miss Mary’s Accelerated Potential Academy to anyone considering tutoring for their child.




I just can’t say enough great things about the Accelerated Potential Academy. Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff are amazing and super positive people. My son is 13 and struggling with comprehension and math. There is great communication between Miss Mary, Mr Jeff, his teachers and myself. My son actually enjoys going for his tutor sessions, he has not complained once about going. They are truly in this business to help our children succeed and they love what they do. Tutoring with the Accelerated Potential Academy is helping his confidence and breaking his belief that “he can’t do it” attitude. I look forward to seeing my son continue to grow and achieve what he is capable of doing with the help of Miss Mary & Mr. Jeff.




My daughter started with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff a few months back and we have seen huge changes in her since she has started, she truly loves going there each week and is learning so much. They have a way with children and make learning fun and enjoyable. The only regret I have is not starting my daughter there sooner. I look forward to seeing the progress she makes with each session. Miss Mary and Mr Jeff have been a great help to my daughter learning and building her confidence with school.



My daughter didn’t want to read and homework was a struggle. An initial assessment revealed problems with reading comprehension. We started with APA and they showed her that reading and learning doesn’t have to be a struggle and it can be fun. I love to read but I don’t recall ever laughing that hard doing homework! It’s only been a few weeks but we are definitely seeing an improvement and she looks forward to her weekly tutoring session with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff. 




My son is 9 and has been seeing Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff for a year. They are always so positive and encouraging and he absolutely loves going each week. Throughout the last year we have not only seen an improvement in his ability to read but in his attitude around reading. They provide amazing resources for us to work on goals at home and they are always quick to answer any questions we may have!! We only wish we had started their program sooner!!




My daughter just loves it here so much. Miss Mary and Mr Jeff are so welcoming. She has always done so well in school but reading and her just never clicked. Now thanks to them she is writing and reading stories at home for fun. Crazy improvement! Can't say enough about them.




I met Miss Mary at one of her Emotional Intelligence workshops and instantly knew this was where my son and our family were meant to be. My 7-year-old son is very shy and immediately took to Miss Mary. That in itself is a testimonial to their kind, caring, and genuine personality. She not only is working with him on Emotional intelligence but Mr. Jeff is working on the academics that have gotten behind because of these issues. I have already seen an improvement in his ability to self-regulate and express himself in a more effective manner. I cannot wait to watch him grow and learn from all of the techniques they are teaching him and myself.




Mary and her staff have tutored our children not only in specific subject matter but also in test-taking skills and confidence building. We appreciate their professionalism and well-rounded approach!!!




Our daughter has had a wonderful experience working with both Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff! Not only has she shown great improvement in both her reading and her writing she has also experienced more self-confidence through her interactions with both Mary and Jeff. She always leaves her tutoring sessions smiling from ear to ear and full of laughter. We feel truly blessed for the difference they continue to make in our little girl's world!




My two daughters have attended tutoring classes with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff for the past year! It was so interesting and enlightening to learn about their different learning styles and dominant intelligence. Learning about each of their learning styles has helped us as parents be able to help them and cater to their learning styles. The main focus for them was reading and comprehension. Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff gave them both such great tools that suit each of their specific learning styles. It was great to see how they advanced over the year, they both made such great gains.



Would totally recommend Accelerated! Soooo good! Miss Mary and her team are so good with kids, and really know how little minds work! Both of my girls have flourished under her!




My six-year-old daughter took the Christmas Reading Camp and LOVED it! The teachers were amazing. My daughter has really taken a love for reading and because of the Reading Camp, I can already see a big improvement in her ability to sound out her words and read more confidently. She keeps asking me "When do we go back?" I would highly recommend APA for children to expand their learning. We look forward to the next camp!




We have had our 12-year-old son here for a few months now who was struggling with reading. He has improved so much in such a short amount of time! We are so grateful we found them and that they have been able to encourage and help us build confidence in our son. There has never been a struggle with getting him to go - he always has a positive attitude and is excited to go see Miss Mary and Mr Jeff. We are so proud of him in his success and so very thankful to them for seeing the potential in a great kid who has somehow fallen through the cracks of the school system. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for some tutoring help for their child!




Our 8-year-old daughter has struggled with reading since beginning school. We had her assessed this year, going into Grade 3, and found that she was reading at a Grade 1 level. As a result, her confidence plummeted and her grades in every subject were poor. We tried all sorts of things to help her but she was just getting further and further behind in school and we were all getting more and more frustrated. No matter what we tried, we were having very little success - until we started tutoring sessions with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff. It has been transformative! We just got her first report card for Grade 3 and for the first time in two years, she is receiving passing grades in every subject! She has started to read on her own and her confidence level has soared - I can't say enough about how Accelerated Potential Academy has helped us! I still can't believe how well she is doing and owe it all to Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff. If you or anyone you know has a child who is struggling with reading, I would highly recommend Miss Mary and Mr Jeff - they are truly amazing! Shelby loves going to her tutoring sessions and the results are incredible! We were at our wit's end but Accelerated Potential Academy has turned it all around - our daughter is no longer too embarrassed to read out loud and in fact, has started to show off her reading skills to family and friends. I can't thank Miss Mary and Mr Jeff enough - they have been a godsend! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!




My daughter loves to learn and was eager to try math camp. She absolutely loved it and gained a variety of skills to help her when she entered grade three. My daughter has always done excellent in school and this camp gets her ready for the next grade. Whether your child is struggling in school or getting excellent grades these camps will make learning fun and challenging. Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff hold a wealth of knowledge about how children learn and the best environment to foster their growth. Thank you. :)




My daughter was quite mad at us for putting her in math camp, she was not looking forward to going. After the first day, she came home and was very excited about math and by the end of the camp week she was grasping new concepts and she really enjoyed her time at math camp!!!




My daughter loved reading camp so much this summer she went two times! She had lots of fun and the camp has made her feel way more confident with her reading.




My son has autism spectrum disorder and struggles academically at school. He does not have a behavior problem so teacher aides ran out at grade 5. Comprehension and LA are major struggles. My son attended a few of Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff’s camps and loved them so we started regular tutoring one hour per week. Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff communicate directly with my son’s teachers so we can see his success at school as well as his general reading skills. For Math, they try to introduce the skill before my son experiences it a school. As a result, my son has confidence at school and his teacher can see visual results from the pre-exposure. And my son experiences success and confidence which is a special and proud feeling for him. His latest success was with the first part of his final exam for LA. He needed to write a descriptive paragraph. Understand that my son does not speak in full sentences so writing full sentences and organizing his thoughts do not come naturally to him. Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff communicated with his teacher to get the specific requirements for the test and worked with my son for 3 weeks. He went into the exam confident and came home with a 93%! The proud smile on my son’s face warmed my heart and brought astonished tears to my eyes. Never did we or his teacher ever think he would get above a 60 on a test in LA. This is a huge success and it is all because of Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff! They genuinely care about my son and are always thinking of new ways to help my son. He has so much fun at tutoring and he considers it one of his fun after-school activities. Thank you so much, Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff!




Miss Mary cares about helping teachers and kids and KNOWS how great they are! She gives them the specific tools they need to succeed at things they struggle with. She's awesome and this academy helps kids and teachers shine!!




My daughter loved the reading camp! She also learned a lot while having fun doing it!




Our son found learning how to read, through conventional classroom teachings, to be downright frustrating. If he was able to stumble through the words, his comprehension went out the window. Reading time in our home pushed our stress levels to the ceiling. By the time we would complete the book our son’s self-confidence was battered and bruised. I felt frustrated and knew that we needed help. I remembered seeing a flyer for Miss Mary’s (Accelerated Potential Academy) summer reading camp program. Dialing APA's number to arrange for reading tutoring for our son has without a doubt been the single most important decision that my husband and I have ever made to support our son’s education.


Melissa D.

As parents we want our kids to succeed in school and when we noticed this wasn’t happening with our child….we knew we needed help. What a joy it is to see how something that was once such a burden now become more simple. The tools and strategies Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff provide in such a warm and loving environment are bar none. A love for learning but more, the love for their students oozes from them and you can’t help but smile and be excited just being around them. You have blessed our family and it has been such a pleasure getting to know you! Thank you seems cheap for the service you provide us and so many others!!




You are a true blessing and have such a gift at what you do!! 




Christine Prokosch

Miss Mary and her team make learning fun. When you’re dealing with a child struggling to learn, this is no small feat. Reading Camp is an excellent way to improve skills or just prevent the summer slide. They are the most enthusiastic, positive, fun, and skilled teachers you will find. Focus on fundamentals sets learning free.




I cannot say enough about Miss Mary and her team! Our journey began at Reading Camp and then a couple of years later with tutoring. My child not only gained skills to help them learn and apply to schoolwork but they also gained confidence that they lost from struggling. As a parent, I became aware of the areas that needed extra attention and was given the tools so I could help. We are so very grateful!




The children could not be in better hands!








Thankful?? Lucky?? Blessed?? There is not a single word that truly describes how our family feels about Ms. Mary’s tutoring.

It started out as a summer camp close to our house that my daughter and her brother could ride their bikes to. Little did any of us know how wonderful the summer would be. Each day my daughter could hardly wait to tell us all about her fun at math, reading, and writing camp, and top it off with “I can’t wait until tomorrow!” Seem too good to be true….NO!

With the constantly changing school systems/ways of teaching/training/coaching/learning – I was worried that my daughter would struggle. She loves to read, write, and excel at math, which I know was inspired by Ms. Mary and her crew!! If you ever want to give your child a gift, give the gift of summer camp – they won’t even know they are learning, as it is just a fun-filled time!! Which now reminds me to register before the classes are full!!  I feel very grateful to have access to Ms. Mary’s (Accelerated Potential Academy) tutoring in the summer and throughout the school year. The loving learning environment is priceless!




They make learning fun!!!



Melissa M.

I attended my son's100th day of school celebration. I was horrified to discover that there were many “basic” math concepts that my son did not understand, and I feared that his lack of understanding of these concepts would affect him forever in the subject of math.


I found out about Miss Mary’s (Accelerated Potential Academy) math camp and immediately registered him. While registering him, I met with Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff, and they told me that kids often told their parents at the end of the summer, that of all the camps they had attended, math camp was their favorite!! I have to be honest, I didn’t think this could be possible…c’mon, it was math camp!! But, at the end of the camp, and all through the summer, my son constantly told me how much fun he had at math camp, and yes (!!), it was his favorite thing he’d done that summer. Yes, they learn math, but they do it in a fun way, incorporating it into games and different ways that they are not always sitting at a desk learning.


My son was also fortunate enough to become a tutoring student of Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff's.  They worked with him primarily with math, but also with reading, and last summer he also attended writing camp (which again was the highlight of his summer)!! He is now nearing the end and is a totally different student in math. He has a very high level of confidence in math, but most importantly a great understanding of math; how things are done, why things are done that way, different ways to get things done, and many keywords, tricks and different tools that I feel are imperative to his understanding and comprehension. My son’s teacher and I are also in constant contact and we often discuss his confidence in math and his understanding of the topics. He has also become the “go-to” guy in his class, as he will sit down one-on-one with another student who is having trouble understanding a concept.


I feel blessed for myself and my son to have met Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff.  Their desire to see students succeed is magical. Miss Mary is one of the most thoughtful, caring people that I know, and we are most fortunate to call her “friend!!”




My daughter Halle loved it. She had a lot of fun. And now wants to read every night!




My son has struggled to keep up with the pace set in the classroom. He has always needed extra time for his work. He attended summer camp sessions this past summer. He enjoyed these camps and looked forward to going every day. He became more confident in his abilities and showed definite signs of improvement, I can’t wait to see the results of his new-found confidence in the upcoming school year. I wish I would have discovered this program earlier! He is looking forward to attending next summer already! Great job APA!




My son Dillon was lucky enough to attend both the reading and math camps. What an amazing experience for him. What other learning program does your child look forward to every day and constantly ask to go back to? Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff make learning fun for the kids and we can’t thank them enough for everything they do! I highly recommend the APA Academy for any child who is looking for a boost in their learning skills.




My daughter really loved the camp (her only downside was it was too early for her :-)). Today she showed me her first reading test since camp and she had gotten a 14/16 which is a dramatic change from her others. She just finished reading a chapter book in 1 sitting tonight!!




Evan and Aden both loved the camps they were in. Both camps and private tutoring have made a big difference in their schooling. Even helped with Evan’s confidence in reading and writing. Evan’s math marks have improved. Guess what, Evan now is helping Aden his little brother with his reading. It’s awesome! I recommend APA camps and tutoring for sure.



My daughter Jorja loved this camp. She was excited to go each day and talked about all that they did when she got home. Jorja has had difficulties with reading all her life. The camp improved Jorja’s self-confidence in reading which is exactly what she needed! Thanks, Ms Mary and your team.



We had a great experience with this camp over the Christmas break and then continued with some private tutoring. My daughter is currently in French immersion so she was behind with reading and writing in English, and after just a few days at camp, there was a huge improvement in my daughter's motivation and confidence, as well as she improved by almost an entire grade level. They are fantastic with children and I look forward to continued improvement. 




‘Reading camp.. During Christmas?! Seriously?!’ That’s the reaction I got when I told my kiddos I was signing them up! Noah was so worried they would have to sit at a desk and read all day. Well, let me tell you, they had the best time! Both were sad that Christmas Eve was the next day, and they were done camp. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Miss Mary, Mr. Jeff, and all their teachers! Noah and Miley had so much fun learning and meeting new friends! Thanks again. We will be back!




I have a 7-year-old son and a 5-year-old son. Both struggle with reading skills and it is a constant battle to get them interested in practicing. I sent both of them to Miss Mary’s tutoring and they came home happy and excited about reading. Though I know that they make specific gains in reading and comprehension skills, as a parent I am just as excited by their increase in confidence, willingness to try, and not to give up if they don’t get it the first time. It is clear the instructors at Accelerated Academy have a true knack for finding a means to nurture an interest in reading in every unique child. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have them come home and want to practice what they’ve learned without prompting. Or when they say “If I don’t get it the first time, I’ll keep trying, Mom”. It is truly music to my ears!




I couldn’t agree more with this mom. Our son attended one-on-one tutoring with Mary and Jeff. It has been a saving grace for him and us as parents! Although we have had rocky times with his education, the confidence and strength our child is gaining through this program is amazing! We feel very blessed to have found Mary to assist us in this journey for our son! I can’t say enough great things about them and the program! Thank you for your continued support! We greatly appreciate all the gains our son has received!

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