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Emotional Intelligence

“Whenever you have learning, emotions are involved.” – Mary Printz

At APA, we’ve integrated research-based techniques into our tutoring so children grow in IQ and overcome learning blocks with EQ at the same time.  


Most parents are starting to learn that emotional intelligence is just as important for success and academic potential as IQ, but don’t know how or where to start. We often hear the question, "How does emotional intelligence affect learning?"


As certified Emotional Intelligence trainers, Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff help parents and families to understand how to bring about increased self awareness, self regulation, empathy, social confidence, resilience and joy to their child’s life for the purpose of strengthening and positioning them to improve mentally, socially, academically, and emotionally.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence as a Parent

As a parent, you play an important and powerful role in shaping your child’s academic future and that includes helping their child be more successful by growing in emotional intelligence.


At APA, we are excited to offer workshops to parents and other caregivers about our EQtunement strategies in our “Emotional Intelligence 101” workshop sessions.


These sessions will leave with very specific strategies to help increase your child's: 

  • Self-awareness & Self-care

  • Empathy & Social skills

  • Self-regulation & self-control

  • Healthy choices

  • Confidence & Resilience

  • Focus & Increased Motivation

  • Reduced Test Anxiety

  • Leadership skills & Collaboration


APA's Emotional Intelligence 101 Workshop

What you can expect:

  • To engage in interactive activities that combine neuroscience and conversational coaching for children and adults to learn Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills that get immediate and lasting results.  


  • We teach EQ skills using game dynamics that are fun, easy to learn and easy to apply. 


  • To learn strategies to increase you and your family’s capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions, and respond appropriately.


  • Learn effective ways to bring relationships into "Attunement" which means to bring into accord and harmony.


  • Be provided with an intellectual framework that will make you and your child’s conversations and relationships more successful.  


  • You will learn one of the most effective collaborative approaches to parenting, that will reduce tension and help your child be engaged in cooperating and solving their own problems in a healthy and productive way. 


Learn more about

APA's Adult Programs

in our brochure! 

Our Partners in Emotional Intelligence Knowledge

APA has proudly partnered with professional certified executive and leadership coaches who are experts in the field of emotional intelligence. This means APA incorporates neuroscience for high performance and emotional intelligence, to help our student’s and families.

The term EQtunement is a proprietary methodology of Ed Kang Inc. and is used in all forms of conversations and relationships.


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