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School-Age Tutoring & Home-School Support

Tutoring & Home-School Support for Elementary, Junior & High School Students

At Accelerated Potential Academy, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our tutoring program that is specifically suited to your child’s learning needs and development.


Each of our students receive an individualized education program that is offered in either a one-on-one or small group setting. Each customized program is based on information collected from home, school, health professionals and APA assessments.

We offer tutoring for ages 3 to 18 years of age.

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Why is APA instruction so successful?


We address a student’s developmental, social and emotional needs through our emotional intelligence, brain-based research strategies and identifying your child's dominant intelligence to make them academically successful.


  • What is Emotional Intelligence? Any time you have learning, emotions are involved. We help children deal with stress, fear or anxiety that blocks learning.


  • How does Brain-Based learning affect instruction?  We use engaging brain-based strategies that activate both hemispheres of the brain and incorporate the different learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.


  • How does a child's Dominant Intelligence affect learning? By evaluating a child’s dominant intelligence we can identify your child’s primary thought processor and deliver our instruction so they learn in the way that makes sense to them.

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APA works with you, the parent and your child’s teacher(s) to ensure APA instruction is having an impact on their schoolwork. In fact, we aim for our students to be in the top 20% of their class!


  • In consultation with your child’s teacher, we introduce lessons prior to class instruction, giving your child an advantage.

APA's Academic Programs

With over three decades of teaching children and researching various reading, writing and math programs Miss Mary and Mr. Jeff have developed:


  • Reading/Spelling Intervention Method - Miss Mary's Reading Program of over 2000+ different learning activities. 

  • Story Plot Writing Program. 

  • Knowledge, Application, Reasoning (KAR) Math Program. 

 Each of our school-age tutoring programs offers:

  • An easy to learn, systematic approach to instruction.

  • Follow-up activities are sent home to reinforce and advance the lessons learned.

  • Following each lesson we discuss the lesson outcomes and follow-up activities with the parent

  • Study and focus strategies.

  • Exam preparation and study materials for upcoming exams

  • Preparation instruction for PAT, Years 3 and 6, 9 and diplomas.

  • Sensory integration for those with ADHD, ADD, those on the ASD spectrum and other learning challenges.

Download our

APA Children's Brochure

for more information!


Learning Potential Assessment!

With the purchase of every Academic Assessment (Reading, Writing, Math and other subjects), we offer a FREE dominant intelligence assessment that will identify the way in which your child brain is wired to receive and process information. The Learning Potential Assessment helps learners understand their dominant processing intelligence and allows us to customize their program to accelerate learning! 

This is valuable information that will give you insight and ideas into the way in which your child learns.

Upcoming Events


Winter Tutoring  On Now!

Our winter tutoring sessions have begun.


Contact us for details. 

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"The tools and strategies my son was provided with in such a warm and loving environment is bar none. A love for learning but more, the love for students oozes from them and you can’t help but smile and be excited just being around. They made learning fun and exciting and built confidence where it waned. I am so grateful for finding Accelerated Potential Academy and for a lifetime of tools that our son now has."

Leslie - Parent

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