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Mission &  Philosophy

Our Mission

At APA, our mission is to bring confidence and joy to the learning experience and empower individuals to excel and achieve their true learning potential! 


We believe learning should be a positive experience.

As parents and teachers, we have all seen students struggling to get ahead academically, socially, and emotionally. These are students who are not reaching their true potential.


At Accelerated Potential Academy, we have identified important keys to maximize our student's academic performance and to help them flourish in their strengths while supporting those areas needing growth.  Our desire is to cultivate the gifts, skills and abilities within each individual that comes to Accelerated Potential Academy. We believe that everyone is unique and uniquely gifted to succeed!


Whether it is remediation, reinforcement or enrichment, APA tutors can break through the limitations and beliefs that have held students back!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that learning is easier when children are engaged, interested and having fun! 

Education is our passion!


We truly believe that experiencing academic success naturally overflows into greater mental, emotional and social competence that empowers each student to overcome everyday life challenges.

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