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Private Education

“Now more than ever, parents are looking for alternative options for their children's education.” – Mary Printz

APA Preparatory School

Accelerated Potential Academy offers private education for children ages 3-9 years old. We have professional teachers to provide high quality academic instruction to small groups of 2 to 6 children. The classes will be held at our summer camp location with BONUS features - large gym, individual classrooms, and an outdoor playground. 

APA's Private Education Program

Each class is designed to help every child accelerate their reading growth from non-reader or early reader to a fluent, confident reader. The children will become independent readers using phonics, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, proper printing, and comprehension strategies. We will work on decoding words by identifying sounds and reading short stories. In addition to reading, we will also be providing a PreK-Gr 3 math program each day. All of our programs follow the Alberta Curriculum.

The structure for each morning includes: reading lesson, snack, gym and math lesson. Afternoon instruction includes: spelling, writing, science, social studies or additional reading and math lessons. Lunch hour is in a lunch room with access to the gym and outdoor playground. The children will remain in their small cohort of 4- 5 children for their daily activities.


Our exceptional teachers will help your child develop a strong reading and math foundation setting them up for success and ensuring they will be ahead of their grade!


APA's Private Education Reading Program

APA's Early Learner Reading Program addresses your child's unique learning needs. Your child will leave as a confident and capable reader. 

  • A solid foundation for letter sounds.

  • The ability to sound out unfamiliar words.

  • The ability to blend sounds together to read the word.

  • The ability to read words, sentences, and stories with fluency and ease.

  • Proper letter pronunciation.

  • Improvement in speech difficulties.

  • A love of reading!


At APA we address your child’s unique learning needs, style and interests to make reading fun, engaging and set them on the road to reading success.


Because reading should be fun!

What Is Learned In APA's Preschool Reading Program 

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