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Experiencing academic success naturally overflows into greater mental, emotional and social competence, and encourages individuals to overcome challenges in everyday life. The APA educational experience changes the trajectory of school and life success!


Come experience the APA difference!



The APA team of teachers have over 200 years of teaching experience and are dedicated to helping children cultivate their individuality, and achieve not only academic but lifelong success in a loving and kind atmosphere. These are the principles APA was founded on.

Some of APA's many achievements include:

  • APA's signature reading intervention program that has helped change the trajectory of each child’s academic future.

  • APA's comprehensive curriculum based math program that gives them a solid foundation and confidence to achieve their true mathematic potential. 

  • APA's effective writing program that develops strong, expressive writers.

  • Proprietary Learning Potential Assessment (LPA); this is how APA identifies a child’s dominant mode of processing information using proven innovative brain research.

  • Summer Reading, Writing and Math camps for kids.

  • Emotional Intelligence 101 training and workshop series for parents and professionals.

  • Alberta Ed Tech Meet-up discussion panel members.

  • Certified Trainers in all levels of Conversational EQ; a simple, innovative and research-based methodology to learn emotional intelligence through conversational skills.

"At APA we have a passion and desire to help student's reach their full potential. We believe that all children can achieve far greater than what they think they can."  

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