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Providing exceptional tutoring services & private education for  preschoolers to adults to achieve peak academic potential!

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Help Your Child Get Ahead!

Welcome to APA!

APA changes the trajectory of children's and adult's academic future and careers. We offer private education for ages 3 to 9 years and private tutoring for children as young as three years old up to high school age in a variety of academic subjects. We also offer academic and employment training to adults. 

Our Servuces
School-Age Tutoring & Home-School Support

A professionally customized private education plan specifically suited to your child’s learning needs and development. Ages 3 to 18 years.

Adult Learning Services

Office, work and personal development training and certification. Helping adults develop competencies required for employment and promotion. 

Educational Camps

Our popular Spring and Summer Reading, Writing, and Math camps help children master concepts and excel academically.

Reading Intervention

We offer three levels of intensive one-on-one instruction designed to systematically teach reading,

spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension.  We are uniquely designed to accommodate

students of all ages and abilities.

Early Readers

Our beginner Reading Program is designed to address your child's unique learning needs, style and interests, providing children with a strong and proper foundation in reading. Developing early readers who love to read!

Emotional Intelligence

Learn more about the importance of emotional intelligence in learning.  


Accelerated Potential Academy offers private education for children ages 3-9 years old. We have professional teachers to provide high quality academic instruction to small groups of 2 to 6 children.

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“I am very pleased with the progress my son has made while attending Miss Mary’s Accelerated Potential Academy. He has gained confidence in his reading ability, which has improved his performance in all his classes. My son is always excited and looking forward to his lessons with Miss Mary and Mr Jeff. They engage with him in a fun and exciting manner, which helps him to focus on the tasks and engage in the learning process. Miss Mary and Mr Jeff’s passion for helping children to exceed is evident through their interactions with my son and through the quality of service they provide. I strongly recommend Miss Mary’s Accelerated Potential Academy to anyone considering tutoring for their child.”

Michelle ~ parent

What makes us different?

APA’s multifaceted tutoring approach will teach to an individual's dominant intelligence, specific learning styles, emotional capacity for processing emotions related to learning to give them a new confidence and to take them beyond their current academic level of performance.


We strongly feel that education is the critical key to transforming an individual's future success and that learning should be a joyful experience!

Academic success and skills that last a lifetime!

Would you like to see more confidence in your learning?

Are you concerned your child's report card is not reflective of his or her true potential?

Would you like to improve reading, writing and employment related skills?


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