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How to Get the Most out of Reading with Your Child

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Reading books with your child is a special time of bonding and learning about our world. This simple daily activity of reading together can be developed into a fun and relaxed time of even deeper connection with the reader, comprehension and reading! Find out how you can help your child develop many language skills including print knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, story plot, organization of ideas, connecting text to letter sounds and learning the rhythm of language. While reading books with our children there is so much that can be done to strengthen their pre-reading and reading skills. When you are reading with your child it is a relaxed, enjoyable bonding time as well as a time where you can build crucial reading comprehension skills that will greatly impact their reading success.

Reading the book together is just one part of reading and helping your child learn through stories. There are many other factors and skills that can be done quite easily to contribute to your child further developing their language and cognitive skills. With this in mind I have carefully selected specific tasks crucial to a child's language and comprehension development and placed them in a checklist format to enrich your book reading time. These activities do not replace an explicitly taught effective reading program such as the Early Readers Academy Bright Future Reading System. They do however develop other cognitive skills that will make any child a more skilled reader.

Here are two known facts to keep in mind when reading your child a story or them reading to you.

1. Reading a little each day (10 min) is better than a lot all at once less often.

2. Reading the same book over and over again is beneficial for our children’s brains and for building literacy skills. Studies show that re-reading the same book helps children comprehend the story and understand and process the information presented. On the first read, they may not fully grasp the story line. Reading the same book at least four times over the course of a few days gives children time to soak in the story and understand more.

A child’s book reading exposure will impact their reading comprehension, vocabulary, knowledge of story structure and many other literacy and cognitive skills. I have created a book reading checklist that will target 13 areas you can focus on to enhance the time spent reading with your child and optimize their learning ensuring they will become a stronger reader. If you would like a copy of this checklist click the button below and you will receive a digital download right away!!

Early Readers Academy Book Reading Checklist for Parents
Download PDF • 211KB

It would be great to hear how your child responds to this checklist and your interaction during story time. Drop me a line and let me know how it works for you and your family.

Here's to great readers!

Miss Mary

P.S. If you’re not sure how to get your child reading or that your child’s reading skills are where they need to be, let Early Readers Academy help! Whether you want your child to catch up on his or her reading skills or jump ahead with activities that enrich and challenge them, Early Readers Academy and online tutors take the stress out of learning and make it personal and engaging for your child.

Come along and experience reading success like never before!

Mary Printz aka Miss Mary is the co-founder of Early Readers Academy and Accelerated Potential Academy. She is a seasoned educational consultant, researcher, Reading Consultant and Developer and International speaker. You can contact her at

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